Plastic Toggle Anchors

  • Allows for fixture and screw removal and re-anchoring
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Blister Packing / Plastic Kits
  • Light to Medium Duty
  • Concrete, Block, Brick


Plastic toggle anchor are hollow wall anchors ideal for static applications requiring light to medium load performance. Installation is very fast, needing a pre-drilled 5/16″ diameter hole. The fastener pre-installs without a screw, allowing for easy placement and removal of the fixture. Plastic toggle anchor are not recommended for use overhead or applications where holding values are critical.

• Allows for fixture and screw removal and re-anchoring

• Fast and easy installation



Dimension Anchor Size
small Medium Large
ANSI Drill Bit Size, dbit (in.) 5/16 5/16 5/16
Grip Range (in.) 1/8 to 1/4 3/8 to 1/2 5/8 to 3/4
Recommended Screw Size (UNC) No.6 to No.14 No.6 to No.14 No.6 to No.14
Anchor Length (in.) 2 1/8 2 1/8 2 1/8



1.Drill 5/16″ diameter hole through base material. Fold anchor in the middle.
2.Insert the anchor through the wall until Plastic toggle anchor is flush with the wall.
3.Insert the popper to open the anchor behind the hollow wall (not necessary for thicker base materials). Do not force or strike the Popper with a hammer.
4.Remove the popper, insert the screw through the fixture and tighten until the fixture is clamped securely to the surface of the base material. Be sure not to overtighten.


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