Nylon Nail Anchors

  • Resistant to chemicals, fungus, moisture and other atmospheric conditions
  • High strength steel and heavily zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Blister Packing / Plastic Kits
  • Light Duty
  • Wood, Hard Board, Plaster, Metal, cinder, etc


Nylon nail anchors are ideal for a wide variety of light load fastening in wood, hard board, plaster, metal, cinder  block, brick, skate, marble, plastic, tile, glass and concrete, It’s unique design allows the nail to expand the  anchor uniformly in the hole. 1. The anchor body is manufactured from virgin nylon to withstand high impact or shock loads. And its great  tensile strength males it unusually resistant to vibration loads. 2. The nylon is resistant to chemicals, fungus, moisture and other atmospheric conditions. 3. Electrical and thermal insulating properties are excellent. Thermal resistance ranges from -40°~F + 170°~F. 4. The pin is made of high strength steel and heavily zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance.



Item Code Anchor Size Box Qty Master Qty
FFNA3161 3/16 X 1 100 10
FFNA3161112 3/16 X 1-1/2 100 10
FFNA1434 1/4 X 3/4 100 10
FFNA141 1/4 X 1 100 10
FFNA14112 1/4 X 1-1/2 100 10
FFNA142 1/4 X 2 100 10
FFNA143 1/4 X 3 100 10
FFNA144 1/4 X 4 100 10
Item Code Anchor Size Drill Size Screw Size
FFNNAL530 5 X 30mm 05mm 3.5 X 38mm
FFNNAL540 5 X 40mm 05mm 3.5 X 48mm
FFNNAL550 5 X 50mm 05mm 3.5 X 58mm
FFNNAL640 6 X 40mm 06mm 4 X 48mm
FFNNAL660 6 X 60mm 06mm 4 X 64mm
FFNNAL680 6 X 80mm 06mm 4 X 88mm
FFNNAL860 8 X 60mm 08mm 5 X 65mm
FFNNAL880 8 X 80mm 08mm 5 X 85mm
FFNNAL8100 8X 100mm 08mm 5 X 105mm
FFNNAL8120 8 X 120mm 08mm 5 X 125mm
FFNNAL10100 10 X 100mm 010mm 7 X 110mm
FFNNAL10135 10 X 135mm 010mm 7 X 145mm
FFNNAL10160 10 X 160mm 010mm 7 X 170mm



1.Using the proper diameter bit, drill a hole into the base material to a depth of at least 1/4″ deeper than the required embedment. The tolerances of the drill bit used should meet the requirements of ANSI Standard B212.15. Blow the hole clean of dust and other material.
2.Insert the anchor through the fixture. Drive the nail into the anchor body to expand it. Be sure the head is seated firmly against the fixture and that the anchor is at the proper embedment. This anchor is not recommended for use overhead.


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