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Why Japan and China Use Different Wall Anchors for Home Decor?

Why Japan and China Use Different Wall Anchors for Home Decor?

In China and Japan, people usually use Chinese hardware wall anchor crown spring toggle anchor bolts when they decorate their houses. However, the shell of the mechanical stainless steel hollow wall anchor used by the Chinese is mostly made of plastic, while the shell of the expansion screw used by the Japanese is mostly made of metal. So what’s the difference between these two kinds of expansion screws?

What IaExpansion Screw

The custom hot sale wall anchor is a necessary tool in the decoration of the house. It will be used in the installation of lamps and wall mounted TV. After drilling holes in the wall, workers will put the fast delivery wall anchors for sheet metal into the hole. When the screw is tightened, the column inside the screw will expand outward, so that the whole expansion screw is firmly stuck in the wall. In this way, the installed items will not fall off the wall.

Installation Test of Expansion Bolt

In Japan, if you are a decoration worker, you need to pass the installation test before installing the expansion screw. Because there are many kinds of expansion screws, and the characteristics and installation methods of each hollow wall anchors with screw are different, it is not easy to master the installation method of all expansion screws thoroughly. Through learning, decoration workers can better grasp the type, characteristics and construction essentials of expansion bolts. 

Difference between plastic wall anchor with fixing nail and metal expansion screw

In China, many families are using expansion screws with plastic shell when decorating their houses. But the plastic shells will be aged after a long time of use. Some household lamps fall off the ceiling after several years of use, which is caused by the aging of the plastic shells of expansion screw. When installing light weight furniture, such as lamps and televisions, many decoration workers use plastic expansion screws. Although under normal circumstances, the service life of this kind of screw is relatively long, but if there is an accident, its service life will be significantly reduced, causing the installed furniture to fall off the wall.

Compared with plastic expansion screw, the service life of metal expansion screw is longer. After a long time of use, the metal shell of the durable widely plastic wall anchor is not easy to be aged and deformed. Therefore, metal expansion screws can provide stable and effective support for furniture. When using metal expansion screw, please select the product with diameter greater than 6mm to prevent the expansion screw from fracture.

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