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How do you install a plastic anchor in the wall without a drill?

Install a plastic anchor without a drill is easy and can be done using just a few common household tools. Wall anchors allow you to hang TVs, photos, shelves, or other items on brick, plaster, or drywall. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install a plastic anchor without using a drill:

Plastic Toggle Anchors

Plastic Toggle Anchors

Common tools and materials needed:

  • Plastic wall anchor kit (includes anchor bolts and corresponding screws)
  • hammer
  • Screwdriver (choose a cross-head or slot-head head according to the type of screw)
  • Awl or nail for making holes
  • Pencil or marker
  • tape measure or ruler

Step 1: Choose the right anchor point

Select the suitable size and type of plastic anchor according to the weight of the item you intend to hang. Different plastic anchors can bear different weights, so you need to confirm the weight limit of the plastic anchors. Plastic anchors that are too large may cause damage to the wall, and anchors that are too small may not be able to bear the weight of the object.

Step 2: Mark the anchor point location

Use a pencil or marker to mark where the plastic anchors will be driven into place. If you’re hanging something like a shelf or picture frame, use a level to make sure the locations marked on the plastic anchors are at the correct height.

Step 3: Start drilling holes

Align the tip of the awl or nail with the mark you made on the wall and gently tap the awl or nail with the hammer. Simply knock out a small notch or pilot hole that will guide the anchor into the wall. Be careful not to knock too hard to avoid damaging the wall.

install a plastic anchor in zhe wall

Step 4: Insert Anchors

Align the tip of the plastic anchor with the hole, press the anchor against the hole, and push it into the wall. If the anchor is self-tapping, then the anchor has threads that you can use a screwdriver to screw directly into the wall. If not, you may need to use a hammer to gently tap the anchor into the wall. Make sure the anchor bolt goes in straight and flush with the wall.

install a plastic anchor

Step 5: Fix the anchor points

Once the plastic anchor is secure, you can use a hammer to tap lightly to make sure the anchor is fully seated. Be careful not to knock too hard, as plastic anchors can crack or break if applied too much force. Plastic anchors should fit snugly into the wall without any wiggle room.

Step 6: Insert the screws

After the plastic anchor is installed, remove the screws that come with the anchor kit and screw the screws into the plastic anchor. Be careful to use a screwdriver that matches the screw head. Turn the screw clockwise until it is tight, but leave enough screws for hanging items. The screw expands the plastic anchor into the wall, locking it in place.

install a plastic anchor

Step 7: Hang items

Once the plastic anchors are installed, you can hang items from the screws. Make sure the plastic anchors can support the weight and remain level. If the item you are hanging is heavier, you can gently pull on it to ensure the stability of the anchors and screws.

Tips and Notes:

1. If the wall is very hard and you are having trouble pushing the anchors in, you may need to use larger nails or a small screwdriver to slightly enlarge the pilot holes. Do this carefully to avoid the hole being too large for the anchor.

2. For plaster walls, be extra careful when driving in anchors because plaster will crack more easily than drywall.

3. If you are not sure about the wall material or the weight of the hanging object, you can choose a stronger anchor.

4. Avoid placing anchors too close together as this will weaken the wall and reduce the holding power of the anchors.

5. If the hole you drilled is too big for the anchor, you can use a larger anchor or patch the hole and try again in a different location.

With the above steps, you can successfully install plastic wall anchors without drilling holes. This method is ideal for light to medium-weight objects and can be accomplished with minimal tools and effort. Ensure that the anchor type you select is compatible with your wall material and the weight of the object you are hanging to maintain security and prevent damage.

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