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Why We Need Plastic Anchors for Home Decor?

Why We Need Plastic Anchors for Home Decor?

When decorating a house, if you nail directly on the brick wall, the stability of the nail will not be good. This is because the brick has no elasticity and toughness to hold the nail in place. In order to solve this problem, decoration workers will first drill holes in the wall, then put wood into the hole, and finally hammer nails on the wood. With the development of science and technology, durable widely plastic wall anchor gradually replaced the role of wood in decoration.

What is Plastic Anchor

The appearance of plastics has changed people’s lives. Generally, the plastic nylon wall anchor bolts made of PP material can be changed into a variety of shapes for different hardware and building materials. Because of its good toughness and shrinkage, it is widely used in the fixing of furniture and building materials such as decorative painting, wall bookshelves, etc.

The shape of plastic wall anchor with fixing nail is similar to the bone of fish. In the process of decoration, workers will first insert the plastic nylon drywall anchor bolt into the hole in the wall, and then insert screws into plastic anchor. With the deepening of the screw, the tail of colored plastic conical anchor 6mm will gradually become larger, and the gap between plastic anchor and wall will gradually decrease. The screw thread and the texture structure of metric plastic nylon ceiling anchor will also increase the contact area between plastic anchor and wall, so that the friction between them will be stronger, so that plastic anchor can be fixed on the wall. When selecting screws, please choose coarse thread tapping screws, which will not damage the structure of the plastic anchor itself. Other screws will damage the plastic anchor, resulting in a decrease in its fixation effect.

There is also a custom promotional high precision plastic wall plug anchor that looks like an airplane. This kind of fastener structure can change the shape automatically by the rotation of screws, thus fixing the kitchen rack on the wall. The construction process is to drill holes on the wall, put the plastic anchor into the hole, and then thread the screw through the plastic anchor. At this time, as long as the screw is rotated clockwise, the good quality plastic fixing anchor will retract its tail by itself, and eventually its shape will be like an airplane with wings outspread, which will jam the wall and fix the screw on the wall. 

The use of plastic insulation anchor fasteners 6mm to install furniture or connecting plates can prolong the service life of screws and avoid screw loosening and falling off. It can increase the strength of the connection between accessories and increase their stress area. In addition, it can eliminate the angle deviation between the screw and the screw hole, so that the screw in the construction is not prone to dislocation, so that the stress of the whole fastener is more uniform, so as to improve its bearing capacity. 

The hollow plastic wall plug anchor also has the ability to prevent screws from corrosion because of its special structure, which reduces the contact area between screws and air. If the plastic anchor is to be removed, it can be easily removed from the wall by breaking it with a tool. 

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